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    • This compatible replacement battery from the brand vhbw is suitable for use in your power tools such as electric hand drills, hammer drills, sanders, cordless screwdrivers as well as radios, handsaws or lawn trimmers.

      Our batteries fulfil all guidelines of operational safety. You can use your previous charger. This battery is also extremely well-suited as a back-up battery.

      What are the advantages of the Li-Ion technology:

      Lithium batteries are among the most powerful batteries, in particular on account of their high energy capacity, low self-discharge and very high durability. Due to their large operating temperature range and high power reserves, the batteries are characterised by long-life, robust readiness for use and are exceptionally well-suited for mobile devices, e.g. in smartphones, clocks, cameras or tablets.

      To ensure compatibility, please check under “Replaces the following original model types” and/or “Suitable for the following device models” to see whether your power tool is listed there.

      – Not an original product – high-quality, compatible accessory from the brand vhbw.

    Technical details:

    • Battery type: Li-Ion
    • Voltage: 10.8V
    • Capacity: 2000mAh / 21.60Wh
    • Colour: black

    Suitable for the following device models:


    • PM 40-MG
    • PR 2-HS A12
    • PR 3-HVSG
    • PR 3-HVSG A12
    • PR 30-HVS A12
    • PR 30-HVSG A12
    • SF 2-A
    • SF 2H-A
    • SFD 2-A
    • SID 2-A
    • SL 2-A12
    • SR 2-A12

    Replaces the following original model types:


    • B 12/2.6
    • B 12/4.0

    Suitable for the following device charging models::


    • C 4/12-50
    • C4/36-90 with charging adapter CA-B12
    • C4/36-350 with charging adapter CA-B12
    • C 4/36-MC4 with charging adapter CA-B12
    • C34/36-DC with charging adapter CA-B12
    • RC 4/36-DAB with charging adapter CA-B12
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