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PATONA Dual LCD USB Charger for SamsungSBL220 SB-L220

Compatibleto following batteries:
Samsung SBL220, SB-L220

Compatible model number:
MD9021, MD9021n, MD9035, MD9035n, MD9069, MD9069n,MD9090

SCD130, SC-D130, SCD180, SC-D180, SCD190, SC-D190, SCD20,SC-D20, SCD21, SC-D21, SCD23, SC-D23, SCD24, SC-D24, SCD27, SC-D27,SCD31, SC-D31, SCD33, SC-D33, SCD34, SC-D34, SCD530, SC-D530,SCD55, SC-D55, SCD590, SCD590, SC-D590, SC-D590, SCD60, SC-D60,SCD67, SC-D67, SCD70, SC-D70, SCD73, SC-D73, SCD75, SC-D75, SCD77,SC-D77, SCD80, SC-D80, SCD86, SC-D86, SCD87, SC-D87, SCD93, SC-D93,SCD99, SC-D99
VP VP-D 101, PD80, P-D80, VP D105, VP- D 105, VPD 101, VPD 323i, VP-D 323i, VPD 327i, VP-D 327i,VPD10, VP-D10, VPD11, VP-D11, VPD130, VP-D130, VPD15, VP-D15,VPD190, VP-D190, VPD190MSi, VP-D190MSi, VPD20, VP-D20, VPD21,VP-D21, VPD23, VP-D23, VPD230, VP-D230, VPD24, VP-D24, VPD250,VP-D250, VPD26, VP-D26, VPD270, VP-D270, VPD30, VP-D30, VPD31,VP-D31, VPD33, VP-D33, VPD34, VP-D34, VPD39, VP-D39, VPD390,VP-D390, VPD530, VP-D530, VPD55, VP-D55, VPD590, VP-D590, VPD590i,VP-D590i, VPD60, VP-D60, VPD65, VP-D65, VPD69, VP-D69, VPD70,VP-D70, VPD73, VP-D73, VPD73i, VP-D73i, VPD75, VP-D75, VPD75i,VP-D75i, VPD76, VP-D76, VPD77, VP-D77, VPD77i, VP-D77i, VPD7L,VP-D7L, VPD82, VP-D82, VPD85, VP-D85, VPD87, VP-D87, VPD87i,VP-D87i, VPD93, VP-D93, VPD97, VP-D97, VPD99, VP-D99, VPD99i,VP-D99i

Technical Data:
Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
1500mA (max)
DC 12-24V 3000mA (min)
Output: DC 8,4V / 12,6V / 16,8V
L 1000mA x1 , 500mA x2
H 1500mA x1, 800mA x2
USB Output: DC 5V 2100mA

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