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PATONA Dual LCD USB Charger for JVCBNV408 BN-V408

Compatibleto following batteries:
JVC BNV408, BN-V408

Compatible model number:
D30, D47AC, D70K, D90K, GRD33AC, GR-D33AC, GRD50K,GR-D50K
DV DV1800, DV2000, DV300
DVL DV2000U, DVL100, DVL100,DVL105, DVL105, DVL107, DVL107, DVL108, DVL108, DVL109, DVL109,DVL150, DVL157, DVL160, DVL167, DVL200, DVL200, DVL205, DVL205,DVL300, DVL300, DVL305, DVL305, DVL307, DVL307, DVL308, DVL308,DVL309, DVL309, DVL355, DVL357, DVL357, DVL365, DVL367, DVL450,DVL500, DVL500, DVL507, DVL507, DVL555, DVL557, DVL567, DVL765,DVL767, DVL800, DVL800, DVL805, DVL805, DVL865, DVL867, GRDVL1170,GR-DVL1170
GR-D GRD-20, GR-D50K, GR-D70K,GR-D90K
GR-DV GR-DV2000U, GR-DV4000,GR-DV5000, GR-DVL310, GR-DVL310U, GR-DVL505U, GR-DVL510U,GR-DVL915U
310, 228AC, 238AC, 23AC, 30AC, 310U, 5000U, 505U, 510U, 515U, 53AC,60AC, 73AC, 915U, 93AC

Technical Data:
Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
1500mA (max)
DC 12-24V 3000mA (min)
Output: DC 8,4V / 12,6V / 16,8V
L 1000mA x1 , 500mA x2
H 1500mA x1, 800mA x2
USB Output: DC 5V 2100mA

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