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PATONA Premium Battery for Dewalt DC9096DC212KB DC212N Dewalt BSA82KA DC010

PATONA Premium Battery for Craftsman DC212KB DC212N Dewalt DC9096BSA82KA DC010 DC019 DC020

Voltage: 18Volt
Capacity: 3300mAh
Type: Ni-Mh

Compatiblemodel number:

DC212KB, DC212N

BSA82KA, DC010,DC019, DC020, DC212, DC212B, DC212KA, DC212KZ, DC213KL, DC300,DC300KL, DC300KN, DC305, DC305KL, DC305KN, DC308KL, DC308KN,DC310KL, DC310KN, DC315KL, DC315KN, DC318KL, DC318KN, DC330,DC330K, DC330KA, DC330KB, DC330KL, DC330N, DC351KLR, DC351KN,DC352KBR, DC352KN, DC380KA, DC380KB, DC380N, DC385, DC385B, DC385K,DC385KB, DC385KL, DC385N, DC390, DC390B, DC390K, DC390KA, DC390KB,DC390KL, DC390N, DC400, DC410, DC410KA, DC410KB, DC410N, DC411B,DC411KA, DC411KB, DC411KL, DC411N, DC413KL, DC413KN, DC415KL,DC415KN, DC490B, DC490KA, DC495B, DC495KA, DC500, DC515B, DC515K,DC515N, DC520, DC520KA, DC520N, DC527, DC527 (Flash Light), DC527N,DC530KA, DC545K, DC546K, DC547, DC547K, DC550, DC550B, DC550KA,DC608B, DC608K, DC616K, DC618, DC618K, DC618KA, DC628K, DC668KA,DC720KA, DC721KA, DC721KB, DC722C2, DC722KL, DC725KA, DC725KB,DC727C2, DC727KA-AR, DC729KA, DC759, DC759KA, DC759KB, DC820B,DC820KA, DC820KB, DC821KA, DC822KL, DC822N, DC823B, DC823KA,DC825B, DC825KA, DC825KB, DC827C2, DC827KL, DC827N, DC920KB, DC925,DC925KA, DC925KB, DC925VA, DC926KA, DC926VA, DC927, DC987, DC987KA,DC987KB, DC988K, DC989KA, DC989VA, DC998KB, DCD690KL, DCD760B,DCD775B, DCD920B2, DCD920L2, DCD925B2, DCD925L2, DCD940KX, DCD950B,DCD950KX, DCD950VX, DCD959KX, DCD959VX, DCD970KL, DCF059KL,DCF826KL, DCG411KL, DW056, DW056K, DW056K-2, DW056KS, DW056N,DW057, DW057K, DW057K-2, DW057N, DW059, DW059B, DW059K-2, DW059K2H,DW908, DW908 (Flash Light), DW915, DW919, DW919 (Flash Light),DW927K-2, DW932, DW933, DW933K, DW934, DW934K2, DW934K-2, DW934K2H,DW936, DW936K, DW938, DW938K, DW959K-2, DW960, DW960B, DW960K,DW960K-2, DW987, DW987KQ, DW988, DW988KQ, DW989, DW995, DW997K2,DW999, DW999K, DW999K2, DW999K-2, DW999K2H, DW999KQ

Compatiblepart numbers:

Dewalt DC9096, DE9039, DE9095, DE9096,DE9098, DW9095, DW9096, DW9098, EZWA90

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