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PATONA Premium BatteryBlack & DeckerPS130 1251CN BDL100GEL BDL12 CD1200

PATONA Premium Battery for Black & Decker & Decker PS1301251CN BDL100GEL BDL12 CD1200 CD1200K CD1202GK

Voltage: 12Volt
Capacity: 3300mAh
Type: Ni-Mh

Compatiblemodel number:

Black& Decker
1251CN, BDL100GEL, BDL12, CD1200, CD1200K,CD1202GK, CD1202K, CD120G, CD120GK, CD120GK2, CD12C, CD12CA,CD12CAB, CD12CAH, CD12CB, CD12CBK, CD12CE, CD431, CD431K, CD431K2,CHT400, CHT600, FS12, FS1201, FS1262F, FS632, FSL12, GT5C390,GTC390, GTC391, HP331, HP331K2, HP331K-2, HP431, HP431K2F, KC120V,KC120VE, KC123F, KC1251C, KC1251CN, KC1252CN, KC1261CN, KC1261F,KC1262C, KC1262F, KC1282C, KC1282F, KC1282FK, KC12E, KC12EK,KC12GTBK, KC12GTK, KC12GTKH, KC12K, KC12XC, KC1662F, KC2000F,KC2000FK, KC2000FK-P1, MT1203, MT1203B, PS1200, PS1200K, PS12VK,PS12VK2, PS350, PS3500, PS3500A, PS350K, PS3525, PS3525BA, PS3550,PS3550K, Q100, Q100-2, Q120, Q125, Q129, Quattro FS2000F, QuattroFS2000KXE, Quattro FS200K, TV250

Compatiblepart numbers:

Black& Decker A9252, A-9252, A9266, A9275, A-9275, PS130,PS130A

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