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PATONA Premium Battery for Makita 12341050 4000 5093 6000 8000 1050D 1050DA 1050DRA

PATONA Premium Battery for Makita 1234 1050 4000 5093 6000 80001050D 1050DA 1050DRA 1050DWA

Voltage: 12Volt
Capacity: 3300mAh
Type: Ni-Mh

Compatiblemodel number:

1050, 4000, 5093, 6000, 8000,1050D, 1050DA, 1050DRA, 1050DWA, 1050DWD, 193981-6, 316DWBE, 4013D,4191D, 4191DWA, 4191DWAE, 4191DZ, 4331D, 4331DWAE, 4331DWD,4331DWDE, 4331DZ, 5093D, 5093DWA, 5093DWD, 5093DZ, 6211DWHE, 6213D,6213DWAE, 6213DWBE, 6213DWBLE, 6216D, 6216DWBE, 6216DWDE, 6217D,6217DWDE, 6217DWDLE, 6223D, 6223DE, 6223DW, 6223DWE, 6227D, 6227DW,6227DWBE, 6227DWE, 6227DWLE, 6270D, 6270DWAE, 6270DWALE, 6270DWE,6270DWPE, 6271D, 6271DWAE, 6271DWE, 6271DWPE, 6271DWPLE, 6311DWHE,6313D, 6313DA, 6313DWAE, 6313DWBE, 6314DWAE, 6314DWBE, 6316D,6316DWA, 6316DWAE, 6316DWB, 6316DWBE, 6317D, 6317DWAE, 6317DWDE,6317DWDRE, 6317DWFE, 6319D, 6319DWFE, 6327DWE, 638347-8,638347-8-2, 6835D, 6835DA, 6835DWA, 6835DWAE, 6835DWB, 6835DWD,6911HDWA, 6913DWH, 6914D, 6914DWDE, 6916D, 6916DWDE,6916DWDE6916FDWDE, 6916FDWDE, 6916FDWDE1, 6917D, 6917DWDE,6917FDWDE, 6918D, 6918DWA, 6918DWAE, 6918DWD, 6918DWDE, 6918DWF,6918DWFE, 6918FDWDE, 6960DWA, 6980FD, 6980FDWAE, 6980FDWDE,8270DWAE, 8270DWALE, 8270DWE, 8271DWAE, 8271DWE, 8411DWH, 8413D,8413DWAE, 8413DWDE, 8413DWFE, 8414DWFE, Automotive, DA312, DA312D,DA312DWA, DA312DWD, DA312DWF, DA312DZ, HR160DWA, ML120, ML121,ML121 Head Lamp, ML122, ML123, ML123 Fluorescent Automotive Light,ML124, MML121 Head Lamp, UB120D, UB120DWA, UB120DWB, UB121D, UC120,UC120D, UC120DA, UC120DR, UC120DRA, UC120DW, UC120DWA, UC120DWAE,UC120DWD, UC170D, UC170DWD, UCl20DWA, VR250D, VR250DA, VR250DWAE,VR251D, VR251DWDE

Compatiblepart numbers:

Makita 1200, 1201, 1220, 1222, 1233, 1234,1235, 1201A, 192598-2, 192681-5, 192698-2, 192698-8, 192698-A,193157-5, 193681-6, 193981-6, 638347-8, 638347-8-2, PA12

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