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PATONA Premium Battery for Makita BL1013CC300 CC300D CC300DW CC300DWE CC300DZ CL100

PATONA Premium Battery for Makita BL1013 CC300 CC300D CC300DWCC300DWE CC300DZ CL100 CL100D

Voltage: 10,8Volt
Capacity: 2500mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatiblemodel number:

CC300, CC300D, CC300DW,CC300DWE, CC300DZ, CL100, CL100D, CL100DW, CL100DWX, CL100DZ,CL100DZX, CL102, CL102D, CL102DW, CL102DZ, CL102DZX, DF030, DF030D,DF030DFE, DF030DWE, DF030DWX, DF330, DF330D, DF330DFE, DF330DWE,DF330DWLX, DT01, DT01W, DT01Z, FD01, FD01W, FD01Z, FD02, FD02W,FD02Z, HP330, HP330D, HP330DWE, HP330DWX, HP330DZ, HS3, HS300,HS300D, HS300DW, HU01, HU01Z, JR100DWE, JR101, JR101D, JR101DW,JR101DWG, JR101DZ, JV100, JV100D, JV100DW, JV100DWE, JV100DZ, LC01,LC01Z, LC01ZX, LCT303, LCT303X, LM01W, LM02, ML100, ML100W, ML101,MR051, MU01, MU01Z, MUH260, MUH260D, MUH260DW, MUH260DZ, MUM164,MUM164D, MUM164DW, MUS052, MUS052D, MUS052DW, MUS052DZ, RJ01W,SH01, SH01Z, TD090, TD090D, TD090DWE, TD090DWX, TD090DWXW,TW100DWE, UH200, UH200DWE, UH200DWEX, UM164, UM164DW, UM164DWE,UM164DWEXL, UM164DZ, WT01, WT01W, WT01Z

Compatiblepart numbers:

Makita 194550-6, 194551-4, 195332-9,BL1013, BL1014

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