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PATONA Battery for Makita 194873-2 BL3622ABBC300 BLM430 BML360 BUB360 MBC231DRD

Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 3000 mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible modelnumber:
BL3626, BL 3626, BBC300, BBC300L, BBC300LZ,BBC300LZ2C, BBC300LRDE, BC231, BC231UDZ, BC231UDWBE, BC231USD,BC231UZ, BC300, BC300LDWB, BC300LDWBE, BC300LDZ, BHR261TRDE,BLM430, BLM430RDE, BLM430Z, BLM430ZX2C, BLM430, BML360 Akku-Lampe,BUB360, BUB360RDE, BUB360X, BUB360Z, , BUC250, BUC250RDE, BUC250Z,BUH550, BUH550RDE, BUH550Z, BUH650, BUH650RDE, BUH650Z, BUX361,BUX361RDE, BUX361Z, UB360, UB360D, UB360DZ, UC250, UC250D, UC250DZ,UC250DWB, UC250DWBE, UC250DWBEP, UC250DZ, UH550, UH550D, UH550DZ,UH550DWB, UH650, UH650DWB, BHR261, BHR261RDE, BHR261TRDE, LawnmowerMBC231DRD, Lawnmower MBC231DZ, MUB360DZ, MUH550DZ

Compatible partnumber:
194873-2, BL3622A

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