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Battery for Makita Werkzeuge 24V 3300mAhNi-Mh 2417 2420 2430 B2417 B2420

Capacity: 3300 mAh
Type: Ni-Mh

Compatible modelnumber:
Makita BTW200WA, MakitaBTW200SA, Makita VTW200WA, Makita BDF460, Makita BDF460SF, MakitaBDF460SH, Makita BDF460SHE, Makita BDF460SJE, Makita BDF460WA,Makita BDF460WAE, Makita BHP460, Makita BHP460SF, Makita BHP460SH,Makita BHP460SHE, Makita BHP460SJE, Makita BHP460WA, MakitaBHP460WAE, Makita BHR200, Makita BHR200SAE, Makita BHR200SFE,Makita BHR200SH, Makita BHR200SHE, Makita BHR200SJE, MakitaBHR200WAE, Makita BJR240, Makita BJR240SF, Makita BJR240SFE, MakitaBJR240SH, Makita BJR240SHE, Makita BJR240SJE, Makita BJR240WA,Makita BJR240WAE, Makita BLS712, Makita BLS712SFK, Makita BLS820,Makita BLS820SF, Makita BLS820SFK, Makita BML240, Makita BMR100,Makita BSR730SH, Makita BSR730SJE, Makita BSR730WA, MakitaBSR730WAE, Makita BSS730, Makita BSS730SHK, Makita BTD200, MakitaBTD200SH, Makita BTD200SJE, Makita BTD200WA, Makita BTD200WAE,Makita BTW200, Makita BTW200SAE, Makita BTW200SF, Makita BTW200SH,Makita BTW200SJE, Makita BTW200WA BTW200WAE, Makita DK2401HF,Makita DK2402HF, Makita DK2403HF, Makita DK2404HF, Makita DK2405HF,Makita TW200D, Makita TW200DRA

Compatible partnumber:
2417, 2420, 2430, B2417, B2420, B2430, BH2420,BH2430, BH2433, 193127-4, 193128-2, 193130-5, 193131-3, 193736-9,193737-7, 193739-3

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