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Battery for Makita tools 12 Vol 3000 mAh

Technical data:

Capacity: 3000 mAh

Type: Ni-MH

Compatible model number:


1050 Series: (rabbet planel)

1050D, 1050DA, 1050DRA, 1050DWA, 1050DWB, 1050DWD

4000 Serie: (glass cutter / floor tile cutter/ jig saw )

4013D, 4191D, 4191DWA, 4191DZ, 4331D

4331DWAE, 4331DWD, 4331DWDE, 4331DZ

5093 Series: (jig saw)

5093D, 5093DWD, 5093DWA, 5093DZ

6000 Series: (drill /impulse drill /impact screw driver)

6211D, 6211DWHE, 6213D, 6213DWAE

6213DWBE, 6216D, 6216DWAE, 6216DWDE

6216DWFE, 6217D, 6217DWDE, 6217DWDLE

6221DWHE, 6223D, 6223DWE, 6227

6227DW, 6227DWBE, 6227DWE, 6227DWLE

6270DWAE, 6270DWALE, 6311D, 6311DWHE

6313D, 6313DA, 6313DWAE, 6313DWBE

6314D, 6314DWBE, 6314DWDE, 6314DWE

6316D, 6316DWA, 6316DWAE, 6316DWB

6316DWBE, 6316DWDE, 6316DWFE, 6317D

6317DWAE, 6317DWDE, 6317DWDRE, 6317DWFE

6319D, 6319DWFE, 6327D, 6327DWE, 6835D

6835DA, 6835DWA, 6835DWAE, 6835DWB

6835DWD, 6911HDW, 6911HDWA, 6913DWH

6914 DWA, 6914D, 6914DWDE, 6916D

6916DWD, 6916DWDE, 6916FDWDE, 6916FDWDE1

6917D, 6917DWDE, 6917FDWDE, 69180

6918DWA, 6918DWAE, 6918DWD, 6918DWDE

6918DWF, 6918DWFE, 6918FDWDE, 6960DWA

6980FD, 6980FDWDE, 6992DWD

8000 Series: (impact drill)

8227D, 270DWAE, 8270DWALE, 8411DWH

8413D, 8413DWAE, 8413DWD, 8413DWDE

8413DWFE, 8414DWFE

DA 312 Series: (jig saw)

DA312D, DA312DWA, DA312DWD, DA312DWF


ML Series: (lampe)

ML120, ML121, ML122, ML123, ML124

UB Serie: (jig saw)

UB120D, UB120DWA, UB120DWB, UB121D, UB121DZ

UC Series: (chain saw)

UC120D, UC120DA, UC120DR, UC120DRA

UC120DW, UC120DWAE, UC120DWD, UC170D



VR Series: (jig saw)

VR250D, VR250DA, VR250DWAE, VR251D


Compatible part number:

1220, 1222, 1233, 1234, 1235, 1235F,

1925982, 192598-2, 1926962, 192696-2

1925974, 192597-4, 1926815, 192681-5

1931575, 193157-5, 1926988, 192698-8

1931389, 193138-9

192698A, 192698-A


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