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PATONA Synchron USB Charger for CanonNB1L NB-1L NB1LH with LCD

The exclusive PATONA Synchron USBCharger for Canon NB1L NB-1L NB1LH is capable to charge a batteryand another device over the USB-Output at the same time.
The LCD Display shows the current charge level of the battery. Itdoesnt matter if it is connected to a power source or not.
It is possible to use a 100-240V wall socket, 12-24V Car charger or5V Micro-USB to power the device.
The build in Microchip protects the battery from damage due tooverheating and overload.

Compatible to followingbatteries:
CanonNB1L, NB-1L, NB1LH, NB-1LH, NB3L, NB-3L
Jendigital GPNTA2217
Konica Minolta DRLB4,DR-LB4
Varta P37

Compatible model number:
Digital Ixus 300, 300, 330,330, 400, 400, 430, 430, 500, 500, 700, V , V , V2 , V2 , V3, V3,VII , VII
Digital Ixus I
Ixus 750, I, II, IV
IXY Digital 30, Digital L
IXY Digital 200, 200, 300,300, 320, 320, 400, 400, 450, 450, 500, 500, 200a , 200a , 300a ,300a
PowerShot S100, S100, S110,S110, S200, S200, S230, S230, S410 , S410 , S500, S500, SD10,SD100, SD110

6340z, 6340z

3.3 x 4ie, 3.3 x 4ie , JD 5.2 z3 MPEG4 , JD 5.2 z3 MPEG4, JD 6.0 z3 MPEG4, JD 6.0 z3 MPEG4

Konica Minolta
Digital Revio
KD310Z, KD-310Z, KD500Z, KD500Z, KD-500Z,KD-500Z, KD510Z, KD510Z, KD-510Z, KD-510Z
Digital Revio KD-400Z KD410Z,KD-410Z, KD420Z, KD-420Z
Digital Revio KD-500Z KD510Z,KD-510Z
Dimage G400, G500, G500, G500,G600

Technical Data:
AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz400mA (max)
DC 12-24V 1300mA (min)
Micro USB 5V 1000mA

DC 4,2V / 8,4V 800mA
USB Output: DC 5V 1000mA

Attention: As a safety measure the USB-Output will automaticallydeactivated if Micro-USB is used as input to power the device.

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