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PATONA Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad X1Carbon Yogo Serie 00HW028 SB10F46466

Voltage: 15,2Volt
Capacity: 3290mAh
Cell type: Li-Polymer

Compatiblemodel number:

X1 Carbon 4th(20FB-0029AU), X1 Carbon4th(20FB-A004AU), X1 Yoga(20FQA00HCD), X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-001DAU),X1 Yoga(20FR-0026AU), X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-0023AU), X1Yoga(20FR-002WAU), X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-A00CAU), X1Yoga(20FR-S05S00), X1 Carbon 2016, X1 Yoga(20FR-002XAU), X1 Carbon2016(20FBA00XCD), X1 Yoga(20FR-001SAU), X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA01MCD),X1 Yoga(20FR-0017AU), X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA010CD), X1Yoga(20FQ-002JAU), X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA01YCD), X1 Carbon4th(20FB-002MAU), X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-000FAU), X1 Yoga(20FQA01NCD),X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-001VAU), X1 Yoga(20FR-002EAU), X1 Carbon4th(20FC-0029AU), X1 Yoga(20FQ-CTO1WW), X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-S00Y01),X1 Yoga(20FR-S03901), X1 Carbon 2016, X1 Yoga(20FR-0025AU), X1Carbon 2016(20FBA009CD), X1 Yoga(20FR-001LAU), X1 Carbon2016(20FBA00ACD), X1 Yoga(20FR-000BAU), X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA011CD),X1 Yoga(20FQ-001PAU), X1 Carbon 4th(20FB-001XAU), X1 Carbon4th(20FB-A003AU), X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-0015AU), X1 Yoga(20FR-S0F700),X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-001WAU), X1 Yoga(20FR-002VAU), X1 Carbon4th(20FC-A00B00), X1 Yoga(20FR-S05T00), X1 Carbon 4th(20FC-S05700),X1 Yoga(20FR-S03701), X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA06UCD), X1Yoga(20FR-0024AU), X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA00DCD), X1Yoga(20FR-001DAU), X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA05VCD), X1Yoga(20FR-CTO1WW), X1 Carbon 2016(20FCA0C0CD), X1 Yoga(20FQ-000VAU,X1 Yoga, X1 Carbon 4th

Compatiblepart numbers:

Lenovo 00HW028, SB10F46466

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