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PATONA Premium Charger 18,5V 3,5A65W for HP NX6115 NX6315 NX6320 NX6330 NX7300

As a further product of our PATONA Premium series we present you our notebook power supplies inpremium quality. These have been specially developed with a view tohigh safety, quality and absolute reliability. They are ideal forprofessional and frequent users for permanent and flexible use withhigh performance and long service life.

The claim of the PATONA brand is the highest level of quality. Ofcourse, this also includes extraordinary safety standards. Theperfectly compatible replica power supplies naturally include allelectronic safety precautions, such as charge current limitation,temperature and overcurrent protection of the original powersupplies and meet the highest European quality standards.
PATONA always offers top quality at fair prices. Even the brand’snew premium series can be purchased at affordable prices. With thenew Premium Series of the PATONA brand, everyone, whetherprofessional or hobby user, can acquire an extremely powerfulproduct and thus a piece of exclusivity.

Technical Data:
Outer diameter roundplug: 7,4mm, inside diameter 5,0mm (please compare with your oldpower supply as there are different plug variants for this powersupply)

Input: 100~240V – 50 Hz
Output: 18,5V
Power: 3,5A / 65W

Compatible model number:

Depending on availability, we reserve the rightto supply straight or angled plugs.
NC2400, NC4400, NC6310, NC6320, NC6400, NC8430, NX6115,NX6315, NX6320, NX6325, NX6330, NX7300, NX7400, NX9420, NW8440,NW9440

HP Compaq NC8430
EM740AV, EM741AV, ES586EAR, ES586EA, ES588EAR, ES588EA, ES589EAR,ES589EA, ES590EAR, ES590EA, ES590ETR, ES590ET, ES591EAR, ES591EA,ES598EA, ES599EA, ES600EA, ES601EA, ES603EA, ES607EA, ES608EA,ES609EA, ES610EA, ES612EA
EY251ETR, EY251ET, EY254ET, EY342ES, EY486ES, EY561ES, EY572ES,EY575ES, EY685AWR, EY685AW, EY686AA, EY686AWR, EY686AW, EY687AAR,EY687AA, EY688AAR, EY688AA, EY689AAR, EY689AA, EY690AA, EY691AA
RA043US, RA101US, RA143US, RA145US, RA146US, RA183US, RA192US,RA205US, RA210US, RA794PA, RB520UA, RB574UP, RB575UP, RB576UP,RB597AW, RB598AW, RB599AW, RB600AW, RB601AW, RC390UC
RD112UC, RD113UC, RD709PA, RD710PA, RD732PA, RD741PA, RD742PA
RE689US, RE728US, RE755US, RE763USR, RE763US, RE778US, RE798US,RE831US, RE842US, RE866US, RE959PA, RE960PA, RF032PA, RF033PA,RF035PA, RF036PA, RF587UC, RF591UC, RF752UP, RH111PA, RH161PA,RH301UP, RH433ES, RH460EA, RH461EA, RH462EA, RH463EA, RH464EA,RH465EA, RH466EA, RH467EA, RH468EA, RH469EA, RH469ET, RH471EA,RH472EA, RH473EA, RH474EA, RH474ET, RH775EP
RJ330UC, RJ343PC, RJ344PC, RJ644UP, RJ645UP, RJ646UP, RJ647UP,RJ895UP, RJ981PA, RJ982PA, RJ983PA
RK061PA, RK090UP, RK328UC, RK700US, RK703US, RK711US, RK713US,RK721US, RK752US, RK755US, RK756US, RK792US, RK796US, RK797US,RK803US, RK810US, RK816US, RK820US, RK833US, RK993UP
RL124UP, RL531UP, RM041PC, RM504UC, RM513UC, RM639UP, RM723PA,RM738PA, RM739PA, RM740PA, RM801PA, RM833AW, RM834AW
RN010UP, RN030AW, RN031AW, RN032AW, RN033AW, RN034AW, RN035AW,RN036AW, RN037AW, RN038AW, RN988UP
RP674UC, RP699UC

HP Compaq NX6110
EA366LA, EA367LA, EA510PA, EA545PA, EA558PA, EA559PA
EB306US, EB307US, EB308US, EB309US, EB532US, EB536US
EC719LA, EC720LA
ED995UC, ED996UC
EE111PA, EE112PA, EE113PA, EE114PA, EE115PA, EE143PA, EE144PA,EE190UC
EF126LA, EF392UC, EF446US, EF478US, EF479US, EF480US, EF515USR,EF515US, EF535US, EF564USR, EF564US, EF834US
EG444UC, EG467UC, EG468UC, EG813UC, EG814UC
EH248PA, EH253PA, EH254PA, EH272PA, EH273PA, EH281PA, EH328PA,EH357UC, EH371LA, EH372LA, EH373LA, EH385UC
EJ917PA, EJ939PA, EJ943PA, EJ944PA, EJ945PA, EJ962PA, EJ963PA
EK040ES, EK044ESR, EK044ES, EK046ESR, EK046ES, EK048ES, EK057ES,EK058ES, EK059ESR, EK059ES, EK060ESR, EK060ES, EK063ESR, EK063ES,EK069ES, EK070ES, EK074ES, EK077ES, EK078ES, EK092ESR, EK092ES,EK093ES, EK098ESR, EK098ES, EK099ESR, EK099ES, EK104ES, EK106ESR,EK106ES, EK110ESR, EK110ES, EK113ESR, EK113ES, EK114ESR, EK114ES,EK115ESR, EK115ES, EK116ESR, EK116ES, EK121ESR, EK121ES, EK122ESR,EK122ES, EK124ESR, EK124ES, EK125ES, EK126ES, EK127ES, EK128ESR,EK128ES, EK134ES, EK135ES, EK136ES, EK139ES, EK144ESR, EK144ES,EK149ESR, EK149ES, EK151ESR, EK151ES, EK153ES, EK164ESR, EK164ES,EK169ES, EK170ESR, EK170ES, EK172ESR, EK172ES, EK175ESR, EK175ES,EK183ESR, EK183ES, EK185ESR, EK185ES, EK187ES, EK201EAR, EK201EA,EK201ETR, EK201ET, EK202EAR, EK202EA, EK202ETR, EK202ET, EK203EAR,EK203EA, EK203ETR, EK203ET, EK208ES, EK214ESR, EK214ES, EK219ETR,EK219ET, EK220ETR, EK220ET, EK221ETR, EK221ET, EK228ESR, EK228ES,EK230ES, EK231ES, EK233ES
EL165UC, EL171LA, EL337UC, EL338UC, EL813US, EL816US
EM343PA, EM348PA, EM349PA, EM350PA, EM355PA, EM359PA, EM374PA,EM389PA, EM390PA, EM391PA, EM392PA, EM417PA
EN166UA, EN169UT, EQ206US
ER565UC, ER576PA, ER577PA, ER591PA, ER597PA, ER604PA
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EU081LA, EU082LA, EU109LA, EU110LA, EU113LA, EU114LA, EU115LA,EU743US, EU882US, EU891US, EU925US, EU952US, EU971US
EV074LA, EV090LA
EX600UC, EX674UC, EX729PA, EX730PA, EX731PA, EX742PA, EX766PA
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EZ946US, EZ948US, EZ964US
PC415AV, PC416AV, PC418AV, PC419AV, PC421AV, PC422AV
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RF639PA, RF640PA, RF641PA, RF642PA, RF643PA, RF644PA, RF687PA,RH082PA, RH423ES, RH785LA
RJ996PA, RL076LA

HP Compaq NX6315
EQ420AV, EQ421AV, EY784AV
RD797PA, RD798PA, RD821AA, RF015PA, RF956LA, RG985LA, RG986LA,RG987LA
RH128PA, RL940PA, RL941PA, RL955PA, RL956PA, RM832LA

HP Compaq NX6320
EJ362AV, EJ363AV, EJ366AV, EJ367AV, EJ370AV, EJ371AV
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RN825LA, RN826LA, RN827LA, RN828LA
RP590PC, RP595LA, RP596LA, RP711PC, RP712PC, RP713PC

HP Compaq NX9420
EG865AV, EG866AV
ES439EAR, ES439EA, ES440EAR, ES440EA, ES440ET, ES441EAR, ES441EA,ES441ETR, ES441ET, ES442ETR, ES442ET, ES443EAR, ES443EA, ES443ETR,ES443ET, ES444EAR, ES444EA, ES444ETR, ES444ET, ES445EAR, ES445EA,ES445ETR, ES445ET, ES446EAR, ES446EA, ES446ETR, ES446ET, ES457EAR,ES457EA, ES458EA, ES459EA, ES460EAR, ES460EA, ES461EAR, ES461EA,ES462EA, ES551EA, ES552EA, ES553EA, ES554EA, ES555EA, ES556EA,ES557EA, ES558EA, ES559EA, ES560EA, ES561EA, ES562EA, ES563EA
EV266AAR, EV266AA, EV267AAR, EV267AA, EV268AAR, EV268AA, EV269AAR,EV269AA, EV270AA, EV271AAR, EV271AA, EV271ETR, EV271ET, EV272AAR,EV272AA, EV272EA, EV272ETR, EV272ET, EV273AA
EX754PA, EX755PA, EX756PA, EX757PA, EX763PA, EX767PA, EX779PA,EX780PA, EX781PA, EX801PA, EX802PA
EY453ETR, EY453ET, EY560ES, EZ255LA
RA047US, RA050US, RA051US, RA068US, RA079US, RA081US, RA110US,RA124US, RA185US
RC294PA, RC333PA, RD717PA
RE632US, RE640US, RE730US, RE772US, RE867US, RE879US, RE891US,RE898US, RE914US, RE975PA, RE976PA
RF297UP, RF689PA, RF751UC, RF914UC
RG171UP, RG195LA, RG978UC
RH151PA, RH436EA, RH439EA, RH439ET, RH440EA, RH440ET, RH441EA,RH441ET, RH442EA, RH442ET, RH443EA, RH444EA, RH445EA, RH446EA,RH446ET, RH447EA, RH448EA, RH450EA, RH451EA, RH452EA, RH453EA,RH454EA, RH454ET, RH455EA, RH456EA, RH457EA, RH457ET, RH458EA,RH459EA
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RL964PA, RL965PA, RL966PA, RL967PA
RM026PA, RM027PA, RM028PA, RM029PA, RM786PA, RM800PA, RM803PA,RM804PA
RN013AA, RN014AA, RN015AA, RN487PA

HP Compaq TC4400
EN375AV, EN376AV
EY268EAR, EY268EA, EY269EA, EY270EA, EY477ESR, EY477ES, EY531ES,EY544ESR, EY544ES, EY545ES, EY608EA, EY609EA
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RB128AA, RB249LA
RC283PA, RC284PA, RC285PA, RC303PA, RC402UC, RC440UC, RC451AA,RC866UC
RD704PA, RD713PA, RD714PA, RD727PA, RD743PA, RD772PA, RD773PA,RD794PA, RD795PA, RD801PA
RE195UP, RE700US, RE702US, RE711US, RE721US, RE731US, RE739US,RE767US, RE775US, RE779US, RE780US, RE807US, RE832US, RE838US,RE844US, RE845US, RE849US, RE851US, RE855US, RE882US, RE888US,RE889US, RE890US, RE901US, RE902US, RE926US, RE971PA, RE972PA,RE977PA
RF010PA, RF034PA, RF093UC, RF361UP, RF673PA, RF674PA, RF727UC
RG096UC, RG102UC, RG143EP, RG983UC
RH100PA, RH137PA, RH163PA, RH174PA, RH177PA, RH188UC, RH299UP,RH489ES, RH737UC, RH774PC, RH835UC
RJ339AW, RJ441UC, RJ442UC, RJ444UP, RJ648UP, RJ812UC, RJ814UC,RJ966PA, RJ967PA
RK038PA, RK039PA, RK040PA, RK041PA, RK042PA, RK084UC, RK330UP,RK683US, RK698US, RK709US, RK763US, RK768US, RK800US, RK808US,RK814US, RK817US, RK824US, RK827US
RL006UC, RL123UP, RL193UC, RL875AW, RL876AW, RL877AW, RL878AW,RL879AW, RL944PA, RL976PA, RL977PA, RL978PA, RL979PA
RM016PA, RM017PA, RM018PA, RM019PA, RM020PA, RM030PA, RM031PA,RM032PA, RM033PA, RM034PA, RM035PA, RM048UP, RM724PA, RM734PA,RM735PA, RM736PA, RM737PA, RM777PA, RM778PA, RM787PA, RM799PA
RN008UP, RN467EP, RN899LA, RP745UP:

HP Compaq NW9440 MobileWorkstation
EG861AV, EG862AV EY306EA, EY313EA, EY314EAR, EY314EA, EY314ET,EY316EA, EY316ET, EY454EA, EY455EA, EY580ES, EY636ES EZ900ATR,EZ900AT, EZ901AA, EZ902AA, EZ903AA RA679AA, RA717PA, RA718PA,RA757PA, RA758PA, RA764PA, RA765PA, RC329PA RD111LA, RD733PA,RD752PA, RD753PA, RD754PA, RD774PA, RD775PA, RE712US, RE806US,RE973PA, RE974PA, RE991PA, RF051PA, RF607PA, RF608PA, RF609PA,RF610PA, RF611PA, RF612PA, RF613PA, RF614PA, RF615PA, RF616PA,RF617PA, RF675PA, RH108PA, RH109PA, RH110PA, RH302UP, RH504ES,RH505ES, RK016PA, RK017PA, RK706US, RL198UP, RL962PA, RL963PA,RL987PA, RL988PA, RL989PA, RL990PA, RL991PA, RM642UP, RM750PA,RM751PA, RM752PA, RM780PA, RM824EP, RN011UP, RN016AA, RN017AW,RN019AW, RN020AW, RN021AW, RN022AW, RN469EP
und baugleiche.

P/N 391173-001, 384021-001, 382021-002, PPP014L-SA, PPP014L-S,PPP014H-S, PA-1900-18H2, HP-AP091F13LF

and identical inconstruction.

Pictures are only for illustrationpurposes – delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the qualitybrand PATONA .

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