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PATONA Battery for Lenovo 121000935 121000937 121000938 121000939121000992

Voltage: 11,1Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatiblemodel number:

B470, B470 Serie, B470A, B470eL-BEI, B470G, B475,B475A, B475G, B570, B570A, B570G, E47, G460, G460 0677, G46006779UU, G460 06779XU, G460 20041, G460A, G460A-IFI, G460A-ITH,G460E, G460G, G460L, G460L-IFI, G465, G465A, G470, G470A, G470AH,G470AX-ITH, G470G, G470GH, G475, G475A, G475E, G475G, G475L, G56,G560, G560 0679, G560 M278ZUK, G560 M2792UK, G560A, G560E, G560G,G560L, G565, G565A, G565G, G565L, G570, G570A, G570AH, G570E,G570G, G575, G575A, G575E, G575G, G575L, G575M, G770, G770A, G770E,G770L, G780, K47, K47G, V360, V360A, V360G, V370, V370, V370A,V370G, V370G, V370P, V370P, V470, V470, V470A, V470A, V470A-IFI,V470A-IFI, V470C, V470G, V470G, V470P, V470P, V570, V570, V570A,V570A, V570C, V570G, V570G, V570P, V570P, Z370, Z370A, Z370A-BNI,Z370G, Z370G-ITH, Z460, Z460A, Z460G, Z460M, Z465, Z465A,Z465A-NEI, Z465A-NNI, Z465A-PNI, Z465A-PTH, Z465G, Z470, Z470A,Z470A-BNI, Z470AH, Z470A-IFI, Z470A-ITH, Z470G, Z475, Z560, Z560A,Z560G, Z560M, Z565, Z565A, Z565G, Z570, Z570A, Z570A-BNI,Z570A-IFI, Z570A-ITH, Z575

Compatiblepart numbers:

Lenovo 121000935, 121000937, 121000938,121000939, 121000992, 121000994, 121001089, 121001150, 31CR19/66-2,57Y6454, 57Y6455, FRU 121001056, FRU 121001071, FRU 121001091, FRU121001094, FRU 121001095, FRU 121001096, FRU 121001097, FRUL08S6Y21, FRU L09C6Y02, FRU L09L6Y02, FRU L09M6Y02, FRU L09N6Y02,FRU L09S6Y02, FRU L10C6Y02, FRU L10M6F21, FRU L10N6Y02, FRUL10P6F21, FRU L10P6Y22, FRU LO9L6Y02, LO9S6Y02

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