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Battery for BTY-M6D Medion MD76254MD77480 MD97623 MD97624 MD97625

Technical Data:
Voltage: 11,1 Volt
Capacity: 6600mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible model number:

MD76254, MD77480

MD97623, MD97624, MD97625, MD97654, MD97746, MD97747, MD97748,MD97761, MD97762, MD97779, MD97781, MD97782, MD97783, MD97831,MD97832, MD97833, MD97855, MD97891, MD97892, MD97894, MD97896

MD98014, MD98016, MD98017, MD98018, MD98054, MD98056, MD98057,MD98058, MD98069

MD98113, MD98114, MD98116, MD98117, MD98118

Medion Erazer X6811, Erazer X6813, Erazer X6817, Erazer X6819,Erazer X6821, Erazer X7813, Erazer X7815, Erazer X7817

GT660 Series / GT660R Series
GT660-003US, GT660-004CA, GT660-448PL, GT660-i7-740QM, GT660R,GT660R-003, GT660R-004, GT660R-004US, GT660R-205NL,GT660R-494US

GT663 Serie / GT663R Serie
GT663-004, GT663-415NE, GT663-417CS, GT663-436NL, GT663-437BE,GT663-626XID, GT663R, GT663R-i7468BLW7P

GT670 Serie / GT670R Serie
GT670, GT760R

GT680 Serie / GT680DX Serie / GT680R Serie
GT680-035UK, GT680-037UK, GT680-055AU, GT680-057AU, GT680DX,GT680DXR, GT680R, GT680R-008US

GT683 Series / GT683DX Series / GT683R Series
GT683-246US, GT683-278au, GT683-279au, GT683-441AU, GT683DX,GT683DXR, GT683R, GT683R-242US, GT685

GT780 Series / GT780DX Series / GT780R Series
GT780, GT780 Series, GT780-051AU, GT780-221US, GT780D, GT780DX,GT780DXR, GT780DXR Series, GT780R, GT780R-012BT, GT780R-012US,GT780R-014US, GT780R-221US

GX660 Series / GX660D Series/ GX660r Series
GX660-0523US, GX660-053US, GX660-076EU, GX660-249NL, GX660-251BE,GX660-253EU, GX660-260US, GX660-262IT, GX660-266NE, GX660-495XPL,GX660D, GX660DX, GX660DXR, GX660R, GX660R-060US, GX660R-075FR,GX660R-284UK, GX660R-474UK, GX660R-i54510Q, GX660R-i7468LW7P,GX660R-i7488LW7P

GX660 Series / GX660r Series
GX680-204JP, GX680-245US, GX680R, GX680R-i548LW7P,GX680R-i748LW7P

GX780 Series / GX780D Series / GX780R Series
GX780-011US, GX780-013US, GX780DX, GX780R, GX780R-024CS,GX780R-i548LW7P

GT783, GT783R

Compatiblepart numbers:

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