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Battery for ACER 31NR18/65-2 AK.006BT.073 AL10C31 AL10D56BT.00603.113

Technical Data:
Voltage: 11,1 Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible model number:
AcerAspire1430 Serie
1430, 1430-4768, 1430-4857

1830T, 1830 TimelineX, 1830T TimelineX, 1830T-33U3G32n TimelineX,1830T-3505 TimelineX, 1830T-3721 TimelineX, 1830T-4549 TimelineX,1830Z TimelineX, 1830Z-U514G50n TimelineX, AS1830T-3721 TimelineX,AS1830T-3927 TimelineX

Acer Aspire One
721 Series, 721, 721h, 721-122kG32, 721-12B8rr, 721-3574

753, 753-N32C/K, 753-N32C/KF, 753-N32C/S, 753-N32C/SF,753-U342ss

AO721,AO721h, AO721-12B2K, AO721-3070, AO721-3574, AO721h-3922,AO753
Compatible part numbers:
AK.006BT.073, AL10C31, AL10D56,
BT.00603.113, BT.00605.064,
L10C31, LC.BTP00.130

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