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Battery for MSI BTY-S25 BTY-S27 BTY-S28MS1006 MS1012 MS1013 MS1057

Voltage: 14,8 Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatiblemodel number:
MSI: MegaBook MS-1006, MS1012, MS1013,MS-1057, MS-1058, S250, S260, S262, S262W, S270, S271, S310, S262YA! Edition

MSI PX200, PX210, PX211, PR300, PR310, PR320

MSI EX300, EX310, EX320, VR200, VR201, VR210, VR220

Advent 7066M

Bluemedia: MS-1006, MS-1012

Medion: MD42469, MD42489, MD95007, MD95020, MD95022, MD95155,MD95309, MD96100, MD96360, MD96400, SAM2000, SAM2010, SIM2000(XG-650), SIM2000 (XG-60x)

AVERATEC 2100: AV2155EH1, AV2150EH1, AV2150EH1R, AV2150EH1, 2155,2155-EH1, 2150, 2150-EH1, 2100, 2100-EH1

PC CLUB EnPower ENP 413

Evesham Micro’s

Tesco iQon 12 Sempron


Compatiblepart numbers:
MS1006, MS1006(MS1012), MS1006(MS1012) V1,MS1012 NB-BT002, NB-BT003, NB-BT006, NB-BT007, NB-BT008,0299-MP1006J443, GBM-BMS050AWA00, GBM-BMS050ABA00, SA20084-01,SA20083-01, S91-0300033-SB3, S91-0300063-G43, S91-030003C-SB3,S91-0200050-W38, BTY-S25, BTY-S27, BTY-S28, BTY-S26, MSI SAM2000,SAM-2000, SAM2010, SAM-2010, SIM2000, SIM-2000

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