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Battery for LG RD400 LE50 LM50 LM60 LM70LS45 LS50 LS55 LS70 LS75 LW40

Voltage: 11,1 Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatiblemodel number:
LG RD400, LG RD400-5D2A2

LG LE50 Serie

LG LM Serien

LG LM40 Serie

LG LM50 Serie

LG LM60 Serie: LM60-3B5C1, LM60-CBJA, LM60 Express

LG LM70 Serie: LM70 Express, LM70-QKXA

LG LS45 Serie

LG LS50 Serie: LS50-AGHF1, LS50-AGHU1

LG LS55 Serie: LS55-1EFA, LS55-1GJA, LS55 Express

LG LS70 Serie: LS70 Express

LG LS75 Serie: LS75 Express

LG LW40 Serie: LW40 Express

LG LW60 Serie: LW60-B3M44A, LW60-BAJA, LW60-D2JA, LW60-DBJA, LW60Express, LW60-QCMA

LG LW65 Serie: LW65 Express

LG LW70 Serie: LW70 Express, LW70-QJMA, LW70-QLZA

LG LW75 Serie: LW75 Express

LG R1 Serie: R1-C001A9, R1-C002A9, R1 Pro Express Dual

LG R400 Serie: R400-5222A3, R400-52HGP1, R400-EP23A3,R400-MP22A3

LG R405 Serie: R405, R405-GB02A9, R405-G.CBB1A9, R405-G.CPB1A9,R405-G.CPBSA9, R405-GP01A9, R405-S.CPCBG, R405-S.CPCDG,R405-SPCAG

LG S1 Serie: S1 Express Dual, S1 Pro Express Dual

LG T1 Serie: T1 Express Dual

LG V1 Serie: V1-W4WHV

HP COMPAQ B2000 Serie: Compaq Presario B2004AP, Compaq PresarioB2005AL, Compaq Presario B2006AL, Compaq Presario B2009AP, CompaqPresario B2022AL, Compaq Presario B2026AL, Compaq Presario B2027AP,Compaq Presario B2032AP, Compaq Presario B2033AL
Compaq Presario B2034AL, Compaq Presario B2035AP, Compaq PresarioB2036AP, Compaq Presario B2039AP, Compaq Presario B2040AL

Compatible part numbers:
LGLB32111B, LB52113B, LB52113D, LHBA06ANONE, LMBA06.AEX, LSBA06.AEX,HP COMPAQ 366114-001, HSTNN-B071, B2000

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