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Battery for Acer Aspire AS07B41 AS07B42AS07B51 AS07B71 10,8V

Voltage: 10,8 Volt (Remark: not compatible with14,8V)
Capacity: 8800mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible modelnumber:
Aspire 5310
Aspire 5520-6A2G12Mi
Aspire 5710Z
Aspire 5720
Aspire 5920 Series
Aspire 5920-302G12Mi
Aspire 5920-302G16MN
Aspire 5920-658
Aspire 5920G-302G16MN
Aspire 5920G-302G20H
Aspire 5920G-302G20N
Aspire 5920G-702G25Hn
Aspire 6920-6610
Aspire 6920-6864
Aspire 6920G Series
Aspire 6920G-814G32Bn
Aspire 7520-5823
Aspire 7520-6A1G08Mi
Aspire 7720G-1A2G24Mi
Aspire 7720G-302G32Hi
Aspire 7720G-602G50Mn
Aspire 7720G-603G50Hn
Aspire 7720ZG-3A1G16Mi
Aspire 8920-6048
Aspire 8920G-6A4G32Bn
Aspire 8920G-932G32Bn
Aspire 8920G-934G64Bn
Aspire 8930 Series
Aspire 8930G-864G32Bn
Aspire 8930G-864G64Bn

Compatible partnumbers:
AS07B31, AS07B32, AS07B41, AS07B42, AS07B51,AS07B71, AS07B72, LC.BTP00.007.

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