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Akku for Acer Travelmate 240 250 20002500 Aspire 1360 1520 1620

Technical Data:
Voltage: 14,8 Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible model number:

ACER Aspire 1360 Serie

Acer Aspire 1360, 1361LC, 1362, 1362LC, 1362LCi, 1362LM,1362LMi,
Acer Aspire 1362WLC, 1362WLCi, 1362WLM, 1362WLMi, 1363, 1363LC,
Acer Aspire 1363LCi, 1363LMi, 1363WLCi, 1363WLM, 1363WLMi,1365,
Acer Aspire 1365LCi, 1365LMi
ACER Aspire 1500Serie

Acer Aspire 1500, 1500LCe, 1500LCi, 1500Lmi, 1501,1501LCe,1501LCi,
Acer Aspire 1502, 1502LCe, 1502LM, 1502LMi,

ACER Aspire 1520 Serie

Acer Aspire 1520, 1520LMi, 1521, 1521LCi, 1521LMi, 1522, 1522LC,1522LMi
Acer Aspire 1522WLM, 1522WLMi, 1523, 1523LMi, 1523WLM, 1523WLMi
Acer Aspire 1524, 1524LMi, 1524WLM, 1524WLMi

ACER Aspire 1610 Serie

Acer Aspire 1610LM, 1612, 1612LM, 1612LMi, 1613, 1613LC, 1613LM
Acer Aspire 1613LMi

ACER Aspire 1620 Serie

Acer Aspire 1620, 1620LC, 1620LMi, 1621, 1621LC, 1621LM,1621LMi
Acer Aspire 1622, 1622LC, 1622LM, 1622LMi, 1622WLM, 1622WLMi
Acer Aspire 1623, 1623LM, 1623LMi, 1624, 1624LM, 1624LMi,1624WLM

ACER Aspire 1640 Serie

Acer Aspire 1640LC, 1640LM, 1641LMi, 1641WLMi

ACER Aspire 1660 Serie

Aspire 1660WLMi, 1661, 1661LM, 1661LMi, 1661WLC
Aspire 1661WLCi, 1661WLM, 1661WLMi
Aspire 1662, 1662LC, 1662LM, 1662LMi, 1662WLM, 1662WLMi
Aspire 1663, 1663LM, Aspire 1663LMi, Aspire 1663WLM, 1663WLMi
Aspire 1664, 1664LM, 1664LMi, 1664WLCi, 1664WLM, 1664WLMi

ACER Aspire 3010 Serie

Acer Aspire 3010

ACER Aspire 5010 Serie

Acer Aspire 5012LMi, 5012WLMi, 5014LMi, 5014WLMi

MEDION MD40100 MD40673 MD40993
MEDION MD41180 MD41300 MD41700MEDION WID2010 WID2020


AOpen 1840 Serie

AOpen 1847, 1848-A, 1848-G, 1848-O, 1848-G, 1849-GADVENT 7036, 4047



Compatible part numbers:
909-2420, 91.49V28.001, BT.00803.004,BT.T3004.001, BT.T3007.001, BT.T3007.003, BTP-58A1, 59A1, 60A1,84A1, 85A1, LC.BTP01.003, LC.BTP03, 00223-UD7010-0F,23-UD7110-1B

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