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Battery for IBM 40Y6795 40Y6797 40Y679941N5666 IBM ThinkPad T500 Serie

Voltage: 10.8 Volt
Capacity: 8800mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Battery is larger due to highercapacity

Compatible modelnumber:

IBM ThinkPad
T500 Series, R500 Series, SL400Series, SL500 Series, W500 Series

IBM ThinkPad R60Series
R60 9455, R60 9456, R60 9457, R60 9458, R609459, R60 9460, R60 9461, R60 9462, R60 9463, R60 9464

IBM ThinkPad R60eSeries
R60e 0656, R60e 0657, R60e 0658, R60e0659

IBM ThinkPad T60Series
T60 1951, T60 1952, T60 1953, T60 1954, T601955, T60 1956, T60 2007, T60 2008, T60 2009, T60 2613, T60 2623,T60 2637

IBM ThinkPad T60pSeries
T60p 1951, T60p 1952, T60p 1953, T60p 1954, T60p1955, T60p 1956, T60p 2007, T60p 2008, T60p 2009, T60p 2613, T60p2623, T60p 2637

IBM ThinkPad T61p

Lenovo ThinkPad
R61, R61e, T61, T61,

*** Remark: Not for T61/R61 with14,1 Widescreen ***

Compatible partnumbers:

ASM 92P1128, ASM 92P1130, ASM 92P1132, ASM92P1138, ASM 92P1140,

FRU 92P1127, FRU 92P1129, FRU 92P1131, FRU92P1133, FRU 92P1137, FRU 92P1139, FRU 92P1141,

40Y6795, 40Y6797, 40Y6799,41N5666

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