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Battery for Samsung NP-N150 AA-PB2VC6BAA-PB2VC6W AA-PL2VC6B AA-PL2VC6W

Technical Data:
Voltage: 11,1 Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible model number:
N143, N143P, N143 Plus, N145P, N145Plus, N148, N148P, N148 Plus, N150, N150P, N150 Plus, N250, N250P,N250 Plus, N260, N260P, N260 Plus

SAMSUNG NP Series: NP-N143, NP-N143P, NP-N145P, NP-N148, NP-N148P, NP-N150, NP-N150P,NP-N250, NP-N250P, NP-N260, NP-N260P

SAMSUNG NT Series: NT-N143, NT-N143P, NT-N145P, NT-N148, NT-N148P, NT-N150, NT-N150P,NT-N250, NT-N250P, NT-N260, NT-N260P

SAMSUNG N143 Series: N143-DP01, N143-DP01VN, N143-DP02, N143-DP03VN, N143-DP041N, N143Plus

SAMSUNG NP-N143 Series: NP-N143-DP01CN, NP-N143-DP01VN, NP-N143-DP01UA, NP-N143-DP02CN,NP-N143-DP02UA, NP-N143-DP04UA, NP-N143-DP05UA, NP-N143Plus

SAMSUNG N145 Series: N145-JP01, N145-JP01HU, N145-JP01NL, N145-JP01RS, N145-JP01US,N145-JP02, N145-JP02AU, N145-JP02DE, N145-JP02EE, N145-JP02UK,N145-JP03AU, N145-JP05, N145-JPM1, N145-JPM1UK, N145-JPM3,N145-JPM3UK, NP-N145-JP01US, NP-N145-JP02HU, NP-N145-JPM

SAMSUNG N148 Series: N148-DA01, N148-DA02, N148-DA03, N148-DA04, N148-DA01, N148-DA02,N148 Plus, N148P, NP-N148-DA01IN, NP-N148-DA02IN, NP-N148-DA01UA,NP-N148-DP03IN, NT-N148P

SAMSUNG N150 Series: N150-22BL, NP-N150-JA01US, NP-N150-JA02ZA, NP-N150-JA03US,NP-N150-JA02ES, NP-N150-JA02AT, NP-N150-JA03ES, NP-N150-JA08US,NP-N150-JA03, NP-N150-JA04US, NP-N150-JA04AE, NP-N150-JA04ES
NP-N150-JA09US, NP-N150-JA06US, NP-N150-JA06UK, NP-N150-KA01IN,NP-N150-KA01UK, NP-N150-KA02RU, NP-N150-KA05IN, NP-N150-JP01AU,NP-N150-JP02US, NP-N150-JP03AU, NP-N150-JP03BE, NP-N150-JP05US,NP-N150-JP07UK, NP-N150-HAV1US

SAMSUNG NP-N250 Series: N250-JP01, NP-N250-JP01, NP-N250-JP01CO, NP-N250-JP01RU,NP-N250-JP01VE, NP-N250-JP02CO, NP-N250-JP03AR

SAMSUNG N260 Series: N260-JP02, N260-JP02C, N260 Plus, N260P, NP-N260-JP02,NP-N260-JP02CN, NP-N260P, NP-N260 Plus, NT-N260

Compatible partnumbers:

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