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Battery for Toshiba PA3615U PABAS115PA3615U-1BRS PA3615U-1BRM

Voltage: 10,8Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatiblemodel number:

L4014I, L40-14I, L40156, L40-156, L4017M, L40-17M,L40PSL49E, L40-PSL49E
Satellite L4013S, L40-13S,L4014I, L40-14I, L4014N, L40-14N, L4014Y, L40-14Y, L40156, L40-156,L4015V, L40-15V, L4017M, L40-17M, L4017S, L40-17S, L4017U, L40-17U,L4018P, L40-18P, L4018Z, L40-18Z, L40194, L40-194, L4019C, L40-19C,L40PSL49E, L40-PSL49E, L45S7409, L45-S7409, L45S7419, L45-S7419,L45S7423, L45-S7423, L45S7424, L45-S7424
Satellite Pro L40159, L40-159,L4015A, L40-15A, L4015C, L40-15C, L4015D, L40-15D, L4015E, L40-15E,L4017E, L40-17E, L4017F, L40-17F, L4017G, L40-17G, L4017H, L40-17H,L40180, L40-180, L40187, L40-187, L4018M, L40-18M, L4018O, L40-18O,L4019I, L40-19I, L4019O, L40-19O, L40PSL4BE, L40-PSL4BE

Compatiblepart numbers:

Toshiba PA3615U1BRM, PA3615U-1BRM,PA3615U1BRS, PA3615U-1BRS, PABAS115

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