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Battery f LC.BTP00.128 LC.BTP00.129 AcerAspire D255-1134

Technical Data:
Voltage: 11,1 Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible modelnumber:
Packard Bell
Packard Bell Dot SEDOTSE-21G16iws

Gateway LT23Serie
LT2304c, LT2316u, LT2319u,LT2320u

Gateway LT25Serie
LT2503u, LT2504h, LT2514u, LT2523u, LT2526u,LT256u

ACER AspireOne AOD255 Serie
AOD255-1134, AOD255-1203, AOD255-1549,AOD255-1625, AOD255-2331, AOD255-2333, AOD255-2509, AOD255-2520,AOD255-2981

ACER AspireOne D255 Serie
D255-1134, D255-1203, D255-1549,D255-1625, D255-2331, D255-2333, D255-2509, D255-2520,D255-2981

ACER AspireOne AOD260 Serie
AOD260-2028, AOD260-2203, AOD260-2207,AOD260-2344, AOD260-2365, AOD260-23797, AOD260-2380, AOD260-2440,AOD260-2455, AOD260-2576, AOD260-2680, AOD260-2919, AOD260-2Bkk,AOD260-2Bp, AOD260-N51B/K, AOD260-N51B/KF, AOD260-N51B/M,AOD260-N51B/P, AOD260-N51B/S, AOD260-N51B/SF

ACER AspireOne D260 Serie
D260-2028, D260-2203, D260-2207,D260-2344, D260-2365, D260-23797, D260-2380, D260-2440, D260-2455,D260-2571, D260-2576, D260-2680, D260-2919, D260-2Bkk, D260-2Bp,D260-N51B/K, D260-N51B/KF, D260-N51B/M, D260-N51B/P, D260-N51B/S,D260-N51B/SF

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