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Battery f Acer Aspire AO751h.52Yw,AO751h.52Yr, AO751h.52Y

Technical Data:

Voltage: 11,1 Volt

Capacity: 6600mAh

Type: Li-Ion

Color: black

Remark: Battery is bigger than originalbecause of higher capacity.

Compatible model number:


Aspire One AO751Serie
AO751h.52Yw, AO751h.52Yr, AO751h.52Yk, AO751h.52Yb, AO751h.52Bw,AO751h.52Br, AO751h.52Bk, AO751H.52BGW, AO751H.52BGR, AO751H.52BGK,AO751H.52BGB, AO751h.52Bb, AO751h.1992, AO751h.1948, AO751h.1899,AO751h.1893, AO751h.1885, AO751h.1817, AO751h.1709, AO751h.1640,AO751h.1621, AO751h.1611, AO751h.1545, AO751h.1534, AO751h.1524,AO751h.1522, AO751h.1505, AO751h.1504, AO751h.1442, AO751h.1401,AO751h.1392, AO751h.1378, AO751h.1373, AO751h.1351, AO751h.1346,AO751h.1292, AO751h.1279, AO751h.1273, AO751h.1259, AO751h.1211,AO751h.1196, AO751h.1192, AO751h.1170, AO751h.1153, AO751h.1145,AO751h.1080, AO751h.1061, AO751h.1021, AO751.Bw26F, AO751.Bw26,AO751.Bw23F, AO751.Bw23, AO751.Bk26F, AO751.Bk26, AO751.Bk23F,AO751.Bk23
Aspire One 751Serie
751.Bk23, 751.Bk23F, 751.Bk26, 751.Bk26F, 751.Bw23, 751.Bw23F,751.Bw26, 751.Bw26F, 751h.1021, 751h.1061, 751h.1080, 751h.1145,751h.1153, 751h.1170, 751h.1192, 751h.1196, 751h.1211, 751h.1259,751h.1273, 751h.1279, 751h.1292, 751h.1346, 751h.1351, 751h.1373,751h.1378, 751h.1392, 751h.1401, 751h.1442, 751h.1504, 751h.1505,751h.1522, 751h.1524, 751h.1534, 751h.1545, 751h.1611, 751h.1621,751h.1640, 751h.1709, 751h.1817, 751h.1885, 751h.1893, 751h.1899,751h.1948, 751h.1992, 751h.52Bb, 751h.52Bk, 751h.52Br, 751h.52Bw,751h.52Yb, 751h.52Yk, 751h.52Yr, 751h.52Yw

Aspire One AOD531Serie:
AOD531.0B, AOD531.0Bk, AOD531.15b, AOD531H,AOD531H.1766,AOD531H.Db

Aspire One 531Serie

Aspire One ZG8 / ZG 8Serie,

Compatible part numbers:

LC-BTP01-024, LC-BTP01-013, UM09A41,UM09B31, UM09B34, UM09B7C, UM09B7D

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