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Battery for HP Pavilion DV7, DV7T, DV7Z,DV7T-1000

Technical Data:

Voltage: 14,8 Volt

Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Due to higher capacity it is not possible touse two batteries simultaneous.

Compatible modelnumber:

HP PavilionDV7Serie
DV7, DV7T, DV7Z, DV7T-1000, DV7Z-1000, DV7-1000,DV7-1001, DV7-1002, DV7-1003, DV7-1005, DV7-1020, DV7-1130,DV7-1134, DV7-1137, DV7-1150, DV7-1170, DV7-1140 ES, DV7 1140eb,dv7-CT, dv7t, dv7t-1000, dv7z, dv7z-1000

HP Pavilion dv7-1000 Serie
dv7-1000ea, dv7-1001ea,dv7-1001tx, dv7-1001, dv7-1026, dv7-1024, dv7-1003, dv7-1103,dv7-1016, dv7-1001xx, dv7-1002ea, dv7-1002tx, dv7-1002xx,dv7-1003ea, dv7-1003tx, dv7-1003xx, dv7-1004ea, dv7-1004tx,dv7-1005eg, dv7-1005tx, dv7-1006tx, dv7-1006, dv7-1015, dv7-1018,dv7-1094, dv7-1095, dv7-1029
dv7-1007tx, dv7-1008tx, dv7-1009tx, dv7-1010, dv7-1038, dv7-1017,dv7-1020, dv7-1050, dv7-1005, dv7-1010et, dv7-1010tx, dv7-1011tx,dv7-1012tx, dv7-1013tx, dv7-1014ca, dv7-1014tx, dv7-1015eg,dv7-1015tx, dv7-1016nr, dv7-1016tx, dv7-1017tx, dv7-1018eg,dv7-1018tx, dv7-1019tx, dv7-1020ea, dv7-1020eg, dv7-1020el,dv7-1020es, dv7-1020tx, dv7-1020us, dv7-1021tx, dv7-1022tx,dv7-1023cl, dv7-1023, dv7-1032, dv7-1002, dv7-1135, dv7-1012,dv7-1092, dv7-1023em, dv7-1023tx, dv7-1024tx, dv7-1025eg,dv7-1025nr, dv7-1025tx, dv7-1026tx, dv7-1027ca, dv7-1027tx,dv7-1029tx, dv7-1030eb, dv7-1030el, dv7-1030en, dv7-1030ep,dv7-1030tx, dv7-1031tx, dv7-1034ca, dv7-1035ef, dv7-1035em,dv7-1038ca, dv7-1040ec, dv7-1040ef, dv7-1040em, dv7-1040es,dv7-1040et, dv7-1040ew, dv7-1045eg, dv7-1045tx, dv7-1050ea,dv7-1050ef, dv7-1050eg, dv7-1050er, dv7-1051xx, dv7-1051, dv7-1052,dv7-1070, dv7-1107, dv7-1101, dv7-1093, dv7-1048, dv7-1052xx,dv7-1053ez, dv7-1053xx, dv7-1055ea, dv7-1060ec, dv7-1060ef,dv7-1060en, dv7-1060ep, dv7-1060ez, dv7-1065, dv7-1031, dv7-1067,dv7-1022, dv7-1151, dv7-1004, dv7-1065ef, dv7-1070ed, dv7-1070ee,dv7-1070ef, dv7-1070eg, dv7-1070ek, dv7-1070el, dv7-1070eo,dv7-1075la, dv7-1080ed, dv7-1080el, dv7-1080eo, dv7-1080es,dv7-1080ew, dv7-1080ez, dv7-1090eb, dv7-1090ed, dv7-1090en,dv7-1090er, dv7-1093eo, dv7-1094eo, dv7-1095eo, dv7-1098eo,dv7-1099ef

HP Pavilion dv7-1100 Serie
dv7z, dv7z-1000, dv7-2100,dv7-2200, dv7-3000, dv7-1270ca dv7-1270
dv7-1170us, dv7-1174ca, dv7-1177ca, dv7-1130us, dv7-1150us,dv7-1153ca, dv7-1123ca, dv7-1128ca, dv7/CT, dv7 Series, dv7t,dv7t-1000

HP Pavilion dv8 Serie
dv8 dv8-1000 dv8t-1000Serie

HP Pavilion HDX18 Serie
HP HDX18T-1000, HP HDX18-1020, HPHDX18-1180ES, HP HDX18T-1000, HP HDX18-1020, HP HDX18-1000, HPHDX18t , HP HDX X18-1000EO, HP HDX X18-1000 Series, HP HDXX18-1001TX, HP HDX X18-1001XX, HP HDX X18-1002TX, HP HDXX18-1003TX, HP HDX X18-1004TX, HP HDX X18-1005EA, HP HDXX18-1005TX, HP HDX X18-1006TX, HP HDX X18-1007TX, HP HDXX18-1008TX,HP HDX X18-1009TX, HP HDX X18-1010EA, HP HDX X18-1010TX,HP HDX X18-1011TX,HP HDX X18-1012TX, HP HDX X18-1013TX, HP HDXX18-1014TX, HP HDX X18-1015TX,HP HDX X18-1016TX, HP HDX X18-1017TX,HP HDX X18-1018TX, HP HDX X18-1020US,HP HDX X18-1023CA, HP HDXX18-1024CA, HP HDX X18-1027CL, HP HDX X18-1050EB,HP HDX X18-1050EF,HP HDX X18-1050ER, HP HDX X18-1058CA, HP HDX X18-1070EE,HP HDXX18-1080ED, HP HDX X18-1080EG, HP HDX X18-1080EL, HP HDXX18-1080EP,HP HDX X18-1080ES, HP HDX X18-1080ET, HP HDX X18-1080EW,HP HDX X18-1088EZ,HP HDX X18-1090EZ, HP HDX X18-1099UX, HP HDXX18T-1000, HP HDX18-1100 Serie
HP HDX18-1200 Serie

Compatible partnumbers:

HSTNN.IB74, HSTNN.IB75,HSTNN.OB75, 464059.121, 464059.141
464058.121, 480385.001, 497705.001, 464059.361
HP NBP8A94, KS525AA, HDX18

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