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Battery for Acer TravelMate 2353 23542352LCi 2352NLCi 2353LC 2353LCi

Technical Data:
Voltage: 14,8 Volt (Remark: Not compatible for 11,1 Volt)
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible model number:
9010 Serie, 9100 Serie,
9100WLMi, 9101WLMi, 9102WLC, 9102WLCi, 9102WLMi, 9103WLMi, 9104LM,9104LMi, 9104WLM, 9104WLMi, 9104WLMITV, 9104WSMi, 9105WLMi,
9500 Serie, 9500WSMi, 9501WLMi, 9502WLMi, 9502WSMi, 9503EWSMi,9503WLMi, 9503WSMi, 9504WLMi, 9504WSMi

Acer TravelMate235x Serie
2353, 2354, 2352LCi, 2352NLCi, 2353LC, 2353LCi, 2353LM, 2353LMi,2353NLC, 2353NLCi, 2353WLMi, 2354LC, 2354LCi, 2354LM, 2354LMi,2354NLC, 2354NLCi, 2354NLM, 2354NLMi, 2355LC, 2355LCi, 2355LM,2355LMi,
2355NLC, 2355NLCi, 2355NLM, 2355NLMi, 2355XM

29x Serie
290 Serie, 290D, 290E Serie,
290ELC, 290ELCi, 290ELM, 290ELMi, 290EXC, 290EXCi, 290LC, 290LCi,290LMi, 290XCi, 290Xi, 290XMi, 290XVi,
291 Serie, 291LCi, 291LCi-G, 291Lmi, 291LMi-G, 291XCi, 291XCiH,
292ELC, 292ELCi, 292ELM, 292ELMi, 292EXC, 292EXCi, 292LC, 292LCi,292LM, 292LMi,
293ELC, 293ELCi, 293ELM, 293ELMi, 293LCi, 293LMi

405x Serie
4051, 4052, 4053, 4050 Serie, 4050LC, 4050LCi, 4050LM, 4050LMi,4050WLCi, 4050WLMi, 4051LC, 4051LCi, 4051LM, 4051LMi, 4051WLCi,4051WLMi, 4052LC, 4052LCi, 4052LM, 4052LMi, 4052NLCi, 4052WLCi,4052WLMi,
4053LMi, 4150 Serie, 4150LC, 4150LCi, 4150LM, 4150LMi, 4150NLCi,4150WLMi, 4151LC, 4151LCi, 4151LM, 4151LMi, 4151NLCi, 4151WLCi,4151WLMi, 4152LC, 4152LCi, 4152LM, 4152LMi, 4152NLC, 4152NLCi,4152WLMi,
4153LM, 4153LMi, 4154LM, 4154LMi, 415x Serie,

465x Serie
4650 Serie, 4650LC, 4650LCi, 4650LM, 4650LMi, 4651LC, 4651LCi,4651LM, 4651LMi, 4651NLM, 4651WLMi, 4652LC, 4652LCi, 4652LM,4652LMi, 4652NLCi, 4652WLCi, 4652WLMi, 4654LM, 4654LMi, 4654WLMi,4655LMi

150/E290, CL50, CL51


Compatible part numbers:
92P1180, 92P1181, 92P1182,
BATCL50L, BATCL50L4, BT.00803.005, BT.3506.001, BT.T3504.001,BT.T3506.001,
LC.BTP00.004, LC.BTP04.001,

Pictures are only for illustration purposes! Delivery mayvary.

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