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Battery Acer Aspire One A110 A110L A150A150L A150X blue


Voltage: 11,1 Volt

Capacity: 6600mAh

Type: Li-Ion

Color: blue

Remark: Battery is bigger as original due to highercapacity.

Compatible model number:

Aspire One

Aspire One 10.1, Aspire One 8.9, 571, A110, A110-1295, A110-1545,A110-1831, A110-1955, A110-AGp, A110-AGw, A110-Ap, A110-Aw,A110-BGw, A110-Bp, A110-Bw, A110L, A110L, A150, A150-1006,A150-1126, A150-1178, A150-1672, A150-1890, A150-Ap, A150-Aw,A150-BGp, A150-BGw, A150-Bp, A150-Bw, A150-Bw1, A150L, A150L,A150X, A150X, D150-1186, D150-1240, D150-1669, D150-1739, D150-1Bw,D210, D250-1289, D250-1326, D250-1Bw, ZG5

Compatible part numbers:

934T2780F, LC.BTP00.017, LC.BTP00.018, LC.BTP00.018, LC.BTP00.045,LC.BTP00.047, UM08A31, UM08A51, UM08A71, UM08A72,

UM08A73, UM08A74, UM08B31, UM08B52, UM08B71, UM08B72, UM08B73,UM08B74

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