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PATONA Dual Quick-Charger for OlympusLi-50B, Li50B incl. Micro-USB cable

The PATONA NP-150, General ImagingGB-50, Olympus Li-50B, Ricoh DB-100 Charger is ideal for travelersor business users, because of its compact portable design. It is apractical and reliable companion for every digital photoshooting.

It is possible to charge 2 batteries atthe same time. The charger can be powered with the included microUSB cable over every standard USB port. The automatic cut-offsystem will prevent damage to the batteries due to overcharge.


  • Input: DC 5V / 2,1A
  • Output: DC 4.2V / 730mA x1 / 730mA x2 (CH1 / CH2)
  • Dimension: 11,5 x 7 x 1,9 cm
  • Contacts: Micro USB (input), 2 charging trays (output)

Compatible model number:
Casio TR-350, GE General Imaging Powerflex 3D 10502, G100, DV1,DV-1, Olympus mju 1010, 1020, 1030 sw, 9000, 9010, tough 6000,tough 6010, Tough 6020, tough 8000, Tough 8010, D-715, SH21, SH-21,SH-25MR, SZ-31MR, SP-720, SP-720UZ, SP-800 UZ, SP-810 UZ, SZ10,SZ-10, SZ11, SZ-11, SZ14, SZ-14, SZ15, SZ-15, SZ16, SZ-16, SZ20,SZ-20, SZ-30MR, SZ-31MR, TG-2, TG-610, TG-620, TG-620, TG-630,TG-810, TG-820, TG830, VG-170, VH-410, VR-340, VR-350, VR-360,XZ-1, XZ-10, TG-830, Traveller SH-21, SH-25MR, Ricoh CX3, CX4, CX5,CX6, PX

Compatible part number:
Casio NP-150, General Imaging GB-50, Olympus Li-50B, RicohDB-100

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