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Charger for AKKU JVC BN-V428, BN-V408,BN-V416, BN-V428, BN-V428U

incl. car adapter (12V)

Compatible to followingbatteries:

JVC BN-V428, BN-V408, BN-V416, BN-V428,BN-V428U

Compatible modelnumber:


JVC DV1800, DV2000, DV3000

JVC DVL Series

DVL100, DVL105, DVL107, DVL108,

DVL109, DVL150, DVL157, DVL160, DVL167, DVL200, DVL205,DVL300,DVL305, DVL307, DVL308, DVL309, DVL355, DVL357, DVL365,DVL367, DVL450, DVL500, DVL507, DVL555, DVL557, DVL567, DVL765,

DVL767, DVL800, DVL805, DVL865, DVL867

JVC GR-D Series

GR-D70K, GR-D90K, GR-D50K, GRD-20

JVC GR-DV Series

GR-DV2000U, GR-DV4000, GR-DV5000, GR-DVL310, GR-DVL310U,GR-DVL505U,GR-DVL510U, GR-DVL915U

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