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Charger CR-V3 CRV3,CR-V3P0, 990, 950, 800,700, Casio: QV-2900UX, QV-4000, QV-3500, QV-2800UX, QV-5000SX,QV-8000SX, Canon Powershot: A60, A70, A75

incl. car adapter (12V)

Compatible to followingbatteries:

Compatible modelnumber:
Samsung: Digimax 350SE, 101, 240, V3, V4, 360,420
Nikon Coolpix: 3200, 3100, 2200, 2100, 990, 950, 800, 700
Casio: QV-2900UX, QV-4000, QV-3500, QV-2800UX, QV-5000SX,QV-8000SX
Canon Powershot: A60, A70, A75, A300
Kodak: DX-4230, DX-3500, DX-3700, DX-4330, CX-4200, CX-4210,CX-4230, CX-6230
Olympus: C2040, C-2040Z, C-3000, C-3000Z, C-3020, C3020Z, C4040,C-4040Z, C-5050Z
Pentax: Optio330GS, Optio33L, Digibino DB100, Optio 230
Toshiba: PDR-T10, PDR-M1, PDR-M71, PDR-2300

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